Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in "Black Pearl" color. Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge will now come in a new “Black Pearl” color, the company announced Thursday.

The devices featuring the new glossy finish, similar to the Jet Black color on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, will be available in select markets Friday.

The new Black Pearl color, described by the company as a “glossy new colorway, which radiates quality and luxury,” will be exclusive to 128GB versions of the device.

“Black Pearl was designed to be modern and striking,” the company said in a statement. “The sleek black finish blankets the entire device – edges and all – and adds depth to its glass design. The result is a stylish all-black aesthetic that captures the essence of the color in its purest form.”

The new Black Pearl color follows the Blue Coral and Pink Gold editions released earlier this year. The Pink Gold color was similar to the iPhone’s Rose color, which was launched with the iPhone 6s.

The new color comes after Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 because of devices catching fire.

Samsung might make a comeback next year with its Galaxy S8. The model may allegedly get rid of the home button, according to a Bloomberg report.

Apart from copying iPhone colors, Samsung might also get rid of the S8’s headphone jack, and will allegedly move toward creating a proprietary USB-C headphone connector.