Samsung may not be as guilty of copying Apple’s designs in a legal sense, but it sure seems to be following in its footsteps according to a rumor first reported by SamMobile that claims the company will remove the headphone jack on its Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s move to remove the headphone jack from its flagship smartphone shouldn’t come as a total shock. The company does have a “keeping up with the Joneses” type rivalry with Apple, so it’s only right the Korean manufacturer would follow suit with the Cupertino company’s decision to ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Rumors about the Galaxy S8 being without headphone jack had been circulating for some time, as well. Reports earlier this year from Digital Music News indicated the company would move toward creating a proprietary USB-C headphone connector.

Samsung wouldn’t be the first company to make the jump to the USB-C port for audio output, either. Motorola’s Moto Z and Moto Z Force devices have already adopted the universal port for audio purposes, as have some Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

The decision to ditch the headphone jack will of course appear as though it’s an attempt to copy Apple, but it may also serve as a way to block the company.

Apple is a backer of the USB-C port—making it the primary port on its laptop line for everything including charging the device—but it’s yet to embrace the plug for audio. Its laptops still sport a headphone jack and the iPhone allows wired audio through the company’s proprietary Lightning port.

For Samsung to switch one of its best-selling devices to USB-C means Apple and other headphone manufacturers could be left out in the cold in trying to reach a considerable amount of users. Apple’s Beats By Dre headphones are getting Lightning or standard 3.5mm plugs, but the company hasn’t announced plans for a USB-C version of its lineup.

That leaves either listening wirelessly via Bluetooth when available or purchasing an additional adapter as the only way for folks to get their tunes on the Galaxy S8, should the rumors prove true.

Apple already underwent the brunt of the pain from consumers when it did away with the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, so Samsung may be able to skirt by too much criticism about the move.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be unveiled in February 2017 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.