The Land of Oz – Australia – is the first country where the new iPad got released on Friday morning. Luke Soules, the founder of California-based gadget repair firm – iFixit – made his way to Australia and picked up an iPad from a local store in Melbourne city. Here is what the iFixit guy revealed in the ultimate iPad postmortem.

The first finding was the Retina display, which is manufactured by Samsung with a slightly different display adaptor. The new iPad also has the same iSight camera module used in iPhone 4S with 5 megapixel sensor.

Earlier it was rumored that LG and Sharp will manufacture Retina display. However, in spite of the legal wars, Samsung has turned out to be sole manufacturer of Retina display. The much-hyped 4G connectivity is achieved by Qualcomm baseband chip confirming what Qualcomm said when it released its Gobi v5 chips about featuring the same chip in upcoming iPad and iPhone. The Qualcomm chips brings LTE, HSPA and EV-DO connectivity, while Broadcom’s BCM4330 chip brings Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to the new iPad.

Another big name coming out in the teardown is Toshiba, who supplied the NAND memory chips to Apple for 16/32/64GB storage modules in the new release. Japanese firm Elpida supplies 1GB DRAM - two 512MB LP DDR2 RAM chips. The teardown has also double-confirmed the battery update with about 70% larger battery.

The new iPad is worth every penny that consumers spend on buying this marvelous device. The high resolution Retina display is most difficult-to-design component of the new tablet. LG and Sharp Ltd. failed to design the Retina display by keeping power consumption low and brightness levels high. The logic board has received many major updates and tweaks as compared to iPad 2’s logic board.

In case you also want to explore the guts of the new iPad, you can check the teardown guide on iFixit.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Wendy Li)

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