• Apple has been working PC-like functionality on iPads for long
  • The 2020 iPad Pro model will have backlit keys and scissor switches
  • The new keyboard is expected to be thinner than previous models

Apple may be the only brand that is repeatedly innovating in the consumer tablet market. It is among a handful of manufacturers who really make consumer tablets. Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface Tab, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab command most of the tablet market currently.

One of the reasons behind the tablet market becoming too niche is that it’s a middle ground between two devices – laptops and smartphones, that most users already have.

Apple has an answer to this. The company posted strong sales numbers in 2019 and it wants to bolster its sales further, with a new accessory, which it calls the Magic Keyboard.

The 2020 Magic Keyboard is expected to be a huge upgrade from the current Apple smart keyboard that comes as an accessory for the iPad Pro. Digitimes reported Wednesday that the keyboard will have backlit keys just like the ones on the Apple MacBook Pro.

The Magic Keyboard will connect to the iPad Pro through a physical connector on the back. Unlike Bluetooth keyboards, there won’t be a lag in typing and words appearing on the screen. It will not need to be charged, but actually draw its power from the iPad Pro.

Most importantly, it will have a scissor-switch mechanism, which is available on the MacBook Pro 16-inch model. However, the most important innovation with the keyboard will be, of course, will be that the keys will glow to allow you to type easily, even in low-light.

Apart from the accessory, the device is also expected to have C-Type charging, a 260 PPI 11-inch display, a triple camera setup. Inside, it will have an A13 or an A14X chipset.

According to the publication, the 2020 iPad Pro is most likely to launch in March. The Magic Keyboard accessory is expected to be launched alongside it and also expected to be compatible with all iPad versions, expect the iPad Mini.

iPad Pro display
Pictured: The new iPad Pro is put on display during an Apple launch event at One Hanson Place on October 30, 2018 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Apple debuted a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. Getty Images/Stephanie Keith