Sony has been teasing its fans with juicy bits and pieces about the PlayStation 5. Followers of the next-generation console already know that, among others things, the PlayStation 5 will not be launched this year, and that there is a huge possibility for a 2020 release to go along and grind it out with Microsoft's Project Scarlett.

From its backward compatibility, “ray tracing” to its GPU coming in somewhere between the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 and the RTX 2080, the gaming community have always wanted to have more details to keep them hyped for the next year.

Apparently, Square Enix's Luminous Productions heard this request and indulged gamers and future owners of the PS5 with a “next-gen tech demo” of what the console is capable of.

Dubbed as “Back Stage,” the video demonstrated the capabilities of ray tracing as a standard to “create natural lighting more accurately.”

To put things in perspective on how it works, Business Insider, through Antonio Villas-Boas, described the process as simulating “the path of light traveling from a light source in a game” more accurately.

As such, ray tracing's end result would be “more realistic lighting, reflections and shadows in a video game.”

Yes, it sounds straightforward, and the demo video clearly had all the things Villas-Boas said. The bulbs from the vanity mirror of the stage performer, coupled with the dimly lit room, was a perfect and beautiful example of what players should expect in future titles.

Sony PlayStation 5
Sony's top bosses recently confirmed that it is willing to retail the PlayStation 5 at a very affordable price to penetrate the market, and this new patent seemingly justifies this strategy. Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Tobe Gaming

On the other hand, Express UK pointed out that “Back Stage” was developed by the studio in cooperation with Nvidia and used a “single GeForce RTX 2080."

The tech demo also came with the Luminous Engine on board and, just like what it did with Final Fantasy XV, “Back Stage” ended up with all the glitz and glamor.

final fantasy XV
Square Enix is releasing three episodes for “Final Fantasy XV” in 2018.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett will have ray tracing on their side, and it's a safe bet that both consoles will duke it out with a bevy of gaming titles that would exploit this hardware. As for the rest of the community, “Back Stage” is just a piece of an even bigger pie and there is certainly more to come as they move forward to 2020 with a ton of anticipation.

Delving on the other side of the Sony story, fans also discovered that on Aug. 25, the Japanese tech titan filed a “potential second PlayStation 5 system.”

The source said that Segment Next made the discovery, and it involves a “cloud-based console.” This may be launched alongside the regular, disc-based PS5, as well as an alternative to the PS4 since Microsoft also released a “disc-less Xbox One.”