• "Shadow Warrior 3" adds the new "Gore Weapon" mechanic to the game
  • Players will be able to obtain unique weapons by executing enemies
  • This is similar to the glory kill mechanic introduced in the "Doom" remake series

After nine long months, Devolver Digital has released a new gameplay trailer for “Shadow Warrior 3,” featuring more of the same insanely fast-paced action and over-the-top gore that the rebooted series is known for.

Flying Wild Hog, the developers behind the “Shadow Warrior” reboot series, has cranked the combat up to an entirely new level with the new grappling hook and enhanced movement abilities players can use in “Shadow Warrior 3.” But the newly released footage revealed that it isn’t quite done showing off just yet.

The gameplay video provided by IGN presents one of the early levels of “Shadow Warrior 3” and a number of new and familiar weapons that the wise-cracking protagonist Lo Wang can use. The weaponry presented seemed to be the usual standard first-person game arsenal until Wang literally rips off an enemy’s guns for himself.

Specific enemies in “Shadow Warrior 3” will now have unique “Gore Weapons” that Wang can use after he finishes the enemies off. This mechanic was previously shown in the first gameplay demo with one enemy giving a freeze bomb, while a large demonic slinky monster granted a fireworks gun that launched homing rockets.

These crazy new weapons can be paired with the rest of Wang’s abilities to let players make some truly creative kills like in “Bulletstorm.”

This is a cool and unique take on the Glory Kill system introduced by the “Doom” remake back in 2016. While the latter rewarded enemy executions with health, ammo or armor, “Shadow Warrior 3” kicks things up a notch by providing big and powerful guns instead.

Wang will still have access to his own arsenal of small arms, blades and Chi powers, but the introduction of Gore Weapons creates an extra dimension of creativity and opportunism for players to have fun with, in a way that only a game like “Shadow Warrior” can provide.

There’s no specific release date yet for “Shadow Warrior 3,” but it’s scheduled to drop before 2021 ends. More gameplay snippets should be coming in the following months, and if Devolver Digital pushes through with their plans to join E3 2021, fans can expect even more reveals once the conference starts next month.

Shadow Warrior 3 innovates on the series' formula by adding new weapons and traversal mechanics Shadow Warrior 3 innovates on the series' formula by adding new weapons and traversal mechanics Photo: Devolver Digital