Christmas movie season is upon us, and with so many new ones airing on TV over the next couple of months, it can be hard to keep track. Seven premieres are debuting on UPtv, and they start this weekend. Don’t worry, we have a handy 2018 schedule of the network’s new flicks to make things a bit easier.

Here’s a list of UPtv’s new Christmas 2018 movies:

Nov. 4: “A Christmas Switch” (7 p.m. EDT)

The first premiere, airing Sunday, is all about a little magical body-switching around Christmastime. After two moms, singer Audrey (Jackie Seiden) and record executive Julia (Ashley Wood) meet each other at the mall, they wake up the next morning in the other one’s body. Each thinks the other’s life is better, but soon they realize that they both have struggles. Audrey and Julia have to help each other out and then find their way back to their original bodies before Christmas.

christmas switch schedule
Jackie Seiden and Ashley Wood star in UPtv’s first new Christmas movie of 2018. UPtv

Nov. 11: “Chandler Christmas Getaway” (7 p.m. EDT)

Malinda Williams, Victoria Rowell, GregAlan Williams and DeEtta West are back for the latest Chandler family adventure. This time around, everyone decides to head to a cabin for the holiday in order to get into the Christmas spirit. With all of them together on a getaway, old feuds come up and new ones arise.

Nov. 18: “Christmas on the Coast” (7 p.m. EDT)

Holiday romance novelist Dru Cassadine (Julia Ann Emery) hasn’t had too much luck with her books lately, but she’s hoping to change that by heading home to South Carolina for some inspiration. While there, she pays attention to all of the residents of her small town and takes notes for her book. The new love story might just be her own, though, when she meets widower Brysen Flynn (Burgess Jenkins).

Dec. 2: “Christmas Catch” (7 p.m. EDT)

Detective Mackenzie Bennett’s (Emily Alatalo) looking forward to spending Christmas with her family and friends, but that’s put at risk when the FBI reveals to her that her handsome new friend is a suspect in a diamond heist. Mack heads undercover to help solve the case, getting close to the new guy along the way. Franco Lo Presti also stars.

christmas catch schedule
Franco Lo Presti and Emily Alatalo share a drink in UPtv’s “Christmas Catch.” UPtv

Dec. 9: “Christmas with a Prince” (7 p.m. EDT)

Based on Sarah Morgan’s novel, “St. Piran’s: Prince on the Children’s Ward,” pediatrician Dr. Tasha Miller (Kaitlyn Leeb) is peeved when her high-school crush, the spoiled Prince Alexander Cavalieri (Nick Hounslow), breaks his leg and is forced to recover on the children’s floor. Tasha understands that no one would think to look for the prince there, but it doesn’t mean she has to like it. She’s worried he’ll interrupt the healing time for the kids on the floor, but, soon, she realizes Prince Alexander isn’t as bad as she thought.

Dec. 16: “Christmas on Holly Lane” (7 p.m. EDT)

Sarah Lancaster, Karen Holness and Gina Holden star as three life-long best friends who always loved spending Christmases at the house on Holly Lane when they were younger. With the house now at risk of being sold, the women must come back together to save the place that they all love.

Dec. 23: “Hometown Holiday” (7 p.m. EDT)

Big-shot entertainment executive Ryan (Bradley Hamilton) agrees to go with his sister to a country wedding because he heard the latest internet sensation will be in town, and he hopes to sign him. While there, he also meets small-town girl, Krista (Sarah Troyer), and the two begin to fall in love. “Now, through a year of mistaken identities, misunderstandings and masquerades, the two will need to hope that a lot of love and some Christmas magic can bring them together,” according to the synopsis. The movie’s based on Caro Carson’s book, “The Maverick’s Holiday Masquerade.”