• Fae Iron can only be acquired by chance from normal iron ore veins
  • Drop rates can be improved with mining perks and food buffs
  • All iron nodes have a chance to drop Fae Iron

Among the many crafting materials in “New World,” Fae Iron may just be one of the more elusive resources available in the game. Players who want to craft some of Aeternum’s more unique weapons will need Fae Iron before they can begin, but this material has so far proven to be rather difficult to acquire.

Unlike normal iron, gathering Fae Iron isn’t as simple as running around the countryside while looking for big boulders to hit. Fae Iron doesn’t spawn as large deposits. In fact, they don’t spawn at all. However, they aren’t completely impossible to get outside of trading posts.

New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials Photo: Amazon Games

Fae Iron Locations

Fae Iron can be found exactly where normal iron spawns. This rare material has a small chance of dropping every time an iron vein is mined, which means that players can continue using their usual iron ore mining routes when farming Fae Iron.

Unfortunately, the drop rate for Fae Iron is abysmal. This is somewhat compensated for by the fact that there are tons of iron veins scattered around the mountainous regions of the new world.

Players are bound to get a few kilograms of Fae Iron as long as they keep mining these veins, but there are a few ways to help make the grind more bearable.

How To Get Fae Iron

Rare ore drop rates can be boosted through a variety of ways. One of the easiest methods is to cook food that grant Mining-related perks. Herb-Roasted Potatoes are great for boosting Mining luck for up to 25 minutes. This dish can be cooked as early as Level 5 and it’s made with Potatoes, Honey, Cinnamon and Butter.

Players can also craft tools with built-in perks that increase the odds of finding rare ore when mining. The Mining Luck perk, as well as its Reinforced and Adored variants, grant an extra 2-5% chance of getting rare ore per vein, which pairs nicely with food buffs.

Best Iron Mining Spots

There are tons of iron ore mining routes available, but finding one that isn’t being constantly farmed by other players is the real challenge. The mountain region to the south of Windsward and the hills to the east of Everfall have decent amounts of iron in them.

Here’s an interactive map to help players keep track of iron spawns across Aeternum.