• The "Into The Void" update is now live
  • The update adds new enemies, the Void Gauntlet and a host of game-wide improvements
  • Numerous bugs and exploits were fixed by the update

The biggest update for “New World” so far has now gone live, featuring some new content to play with and a myriad of fixes for the game’s core systems.

Amazon Game Studios recently released the “Into The Void” update for its open-world MMO, along with all of the new content introduced in the newly opened Public Test Realms. Players will now be able to wield a new weapon and fight against a new enemy faction that has invaded Aeternum.

Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest features players can expect once they log in to the game.

The Void Gauntlet

Players can now obtain Void Gauntlets from the usual loot sources and crafting stations. As a hybrid DPS/Support weapon, the Void Gauntlet can provide decent DPS as well as cast a slew of buffs and debuffs on friends and enemies alike.

New World's Void Gauntlet comes with its own magic blade for use in close-quarters combat New World's Void Gauntlet comes with its own magic blade for use in close-quarters combat Photo: Amazon Games Studios

This is the first weapon in the game that scales off of both Intelligence and Focus, making it an excellent choice for healers. The Void Gauntlet’s affinity for both ranged and melee combat can also give healers even more utility than before as well as a decent damage option for clearing mobs in PvE.

Varangian Knights and New Enemy Types

New humanoid enemies in the form of knights clad in black armor will now roam the southwestern regions of Aeternum. These Varangian Knights come in the standard flavor of melee swordsmen, shieldbearers and greataxe users as well as some archers that’ll put some ranged pressure on adventurers.

Existing factions will also receive some new enemy types such as the Withered Swarmancers, Lost Shamans and Skeleton Mages.

World and PvP Changes

Roads will now give players a movement speed buff to help cut down travel times between settlements. However, this will only be active if players are not engaged in any form of PvP.

Speaking of PvP, all players who are flagged for PvP will now have an additional 10% to their Luck stat as well as an extra 30% Gathering Luck. This will incentivize players to keep their PvP flags up even while solo.

Several quests in the main storyline have also been updated to feature more dynamic and interesting activities like enemy wave encounters and destructible objects. Meanwhile, three new PvP quests were added: Control Points, Intercept and War Camp Loot.