Can you ever really isolate a moment in time? Amid the insanity that is New York Fashion Week, designer Cesar Galindo did just that at his CZAR Fall 2013 collection show Friday at Lincoln Center, giving fashionistas a moment to pause and reflect on his vision, "Life Suspended."

Galindo's inspiration for his contemporary line developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated and halted New York City for days, causing more than $32.8 million in damages in the metropolis alone. Galindo said the superstorm made him crave just "being in the present."

"[CZAR] is basically about just slowing things down and living in the now, relaxing and enjoying life," Galindo said. "We're at such a fast-forward pace with technology and with the connection of electricity. The hurricane in New York City kind of made everybody realize we need to slow down. I think we need to get in touch with ourselves."

Galindo, who before launching his signature collection and secondary line CZAR worked under Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein and Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B., channeled this relaxed mood with easily convertible pieces and layered looks for chilly fall weather. The opening piece, a cornflower blue wool coat, was designed to go from long sleeves to short sleeves with or without a hoodie as a stylish way to -- adhering to his inspiration -- isolate a moment within the world's unpredictable climate.

"Everything's in today's world, we have to have convertible clothes and that's a part of what's going on in the way it's layered throughout the collection," he said. "That's part of the relaxed mode of what the attitude is in the collection."

And Galindo's convertible pieces are easily adaptable for all sorts of women, no matter what their attitudes or sizes are.

"As a designer, I feel designers need to show a broader spectrum of a customer base when showing a collection," Galindo said. "My customer base is every woman. That's my ultimate goal."

Galindo said his five sisters back in Houston constantly remind him that he needs to focus on women as a whole who "come in every shape and form."

"I think sometimes designers show their work and a girl can't relate to any of it. You might like the color, it might be cool but it can't work," he said. "I want people to collect my work. To be able to to get everybody to come up and say, 'You know, I like this for me, but I can't wear that, I can wear this.' This to me, it's important."

One technique that has made Galindo a major staple for women all over the world is his expertise in draping, which was seen on dresses, tops and a fresh introduction of bubble draping seen on skirts, both long and short, for the collection.

Much of Galindo's story was told through a color palate of all hues of blue, grays and purples with some flash of metallics in jacquard prints and brocade. Splashes of sable, onyx and white rounded out the collection which included leather in gauntlet sleeves paired with ponte seamed leggings that had yours truly believing Cesar's vision of dressing women of all sizes was, indeed, fact.


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