The officials of an upstate New York School district have apologized after a Spanish assignment given to middle schoolers involved translating sentences that many parents found offensive.

Mill Middle School in the Williamsville Central School District asked the sixth graders to translate 10 sentences from Spanish to English in a homework assignment, which had sentences that read: "You (friendly) are Mexican and ugly," and "You (politely) are pretty and American."

After one of the parents, posted the picture of the assignment on social media and called it out as "blatant racism," the school district officials admitted that the assignment was "unacceptable" and apologized for the same, CNN reported.

"Shocked at this Spanish homework assignment in Williamsville Central School District loaded with such blatant racism. Can we even begin to unpack all that is wrong here? Who is developing this curriculum & where is the oversight?" Allison Wainick, the parent, tweeted last week.

The post soon went viral on Twitter and many parents came forward expressing their shock and disappointment at the offensive assignment.

"We can't just be ok with an apology from the District, this is not something that can be undone or unseen by the kids. We teach our kids not to bully, but what kind of message do you think the teacher is sending with this assignment," a viewer commented, as reported by Business Insider. A parent who has biracial children attending the school said she was in"complete shock," after seeing the assignment.

Meanwhile, the school district said they are ensuring steps to prevent such instances."We are addressing the situation to ensure this does not happen again. The District does not condone any instructional material that denigrates our students, families, culture, or beliefs," the school district said in a statement on their social media page. "The assignment fails to meet our standards and will be dealt with appropriately," the statement continued.

However, the officials have not revealed the identity of the teacher involved and if the person had to face any consequences.

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