In the very near future, we may be able to get hands on new Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Air, with a stylist black finish, according to several anonymous tips from MacRumors.

The sources say at least some models of the next-generation MacBook Air will be available in black and with Intel's latest ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge processor. The most specific of the claims suggests that a black anodized aluminum case would be available on a top-end MacBook Air model, in much the same way as Apple once offered a high-end black MacBook on top of the standard white offerings, MacRumors reported.

The release of the MacBook Air is likely to occur sometime next month, according to claims of its standstill until Mac OS X 10.7 Lion's launch is finalized. Nearly 400,000 units of the new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air are reportedly being prepared for dispatchment. The MacBook air will be equipped with powerful graphic chips, Thunderbolt data port and Intel's ultra-low voltage Sandy Bridge processors.

Any new MacBook Air would ship with preinstalled Max OS X Lion, which will be available in the Mac App Store for $29.99 in July.

The OS X Lion, available only through the Internet, will debut with a number of features that will make Apple's ultraportable MacBook Air more appealing for mobile users. Most importantly, Apple's cloud-basic service iCloud could set a new direction for Apple. By selling OS X Lion preinstalled MacBook Air, Apple seeks to ensure that Mac users not only adopt the new OS X Lion but also get access to the new iCloud services as quickly as possible.

Moreover, though theoretically Apple could have launched the new Mac Book Air bundled with a voucher code that would allow users to upgrade to the new OS X Lion for free, Apple has been traditionally resistant to registration keys and doesn't want to make an exception this time.

Apple is also rumored to launch an upgraded Mac Pro and Mac Mini in early August 2011.