Google's Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 smartphone are now available at a significantly discounted price in the U.S. Pictured above: A slew of Nexus smartphones. Google Play Store

Google has revealed native support for a fingerprint scanner is part of the upcoming Android M package. The feature was showcased recently using a modified LG Nexus 5, fanning speculation the Nexus 2015 will have the sensor on release.

In a clip posted recently on the official Google Developers YouTube channel, a product manager discussed the benefits of having a fingerprint reader in an Android device, specifically the Nexus smartphone. In the demo, the Nexus 5 was used to outline the lifestyle upgrades to be afforded by the Touch ID functions.

The same video was the subject of a Reddit thread, picked up by BGR, in which Redditors agreed the handset held by the Google official was a Nexus 5 with obvious alterations. The fingerprint control button is on the rear of the device, right below the main camera sensor. Redditors noted the handset resembled the LG G2, which was eventually repurposed as the Nexus 5.

The demo clip reinforced earlier reports Google is working with LG on a 5.2-inch device, codenamed LG Nexus Bullhead.

Fingerprint authentication is seen as a security upgrade, eliminating the need for passwords. The fingerprint feature is deeply connected to Android Pay, which is Google’s answer to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The idea is to transform a device into an electronic wallet that allows for easy and secure wireless payment transactions.

Redditors also notice the customized Nexus 5 on the clip has a USB-C connecting port, indicating the next Nexus will have superfast charging and quicker data transfer.

In the end, however, Google has the last say on the exact make and specifications for the Nexus 2015. Release is likely between September and October. Android fans can expect two models: the LG Bullhead and a 5.7-inch Huawei-made phablet known for now as the Nexus Angler.