Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey
Singer and actress Jessica Simpson and singer Nick Lachey pose as they arrived at the 13th annual ESPY Awards. Lachey recently admitted he no longer speaks to his former wife. REUTERS

Pop singing couple Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were the apple of America's reality TV-loving eye in 2002 when their MTV series "Newlyweds," which chronicled the duo's first years of marriage, rocketed the couple to superstardom.

The couple divorced in 2005; Lachey, 39, who has since remarried former MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo, admitted this week that he no longer speaks to his former wife, the LA Times reported Wednesday.

"It's been years, honestly," Lachey said on Andy Cohen's Bravo talk show "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday. "Yeah, years. Honestly, probably six years. It was like another lifetime ago."

Simpson, 32, has also moved on her from "Newlyweds" days. The singer is currently attached to former NFL player Eric Johnson, and the couple welcomed a daughter, Maxwell, last year. Simpson is currently pregnant with her second child, due in August.

Lachey, who admitted to Cohen that he felt uneasy talking about his former wife and co-star, said no longer watches episodes of their popular reality show.

"As you can imagine, that's not popular viewing in my house," he said. "You know, we don't sit around as a family and watch the old DVDS."

The former 98 Degrees singer also said he was relieved to no longer have to associate with Simpson's manager father, Joe Simpson, and Lachey accused him of touching him inappropriately.

"The best thing about not having Joe Simpson anymore as a father-in-law is I don't have to play grab-ass under the table on Easter Sunday," Lachey said.

Joe Simpson was accused of being gay in October 2012 after a male escort, Bryce Chandler Hill, accused the manager of hiring him and having a "insatiable appetite for sex." The 54-year-old responded by saying the accusations were false.

Lachey later admitted on the program that his comment was in poor taste.

"It may not be [funny] tomorrow, but it is tonight," he said.