Nicki Minaj became the latest celebrity to launch a fragrance, PinkPrint, with its unveiling on “Good Morning America” Friday. The launch, the seventh in her line, is housed in her signature doll-shaped bottle. This time, however, the figure is wearing a white wig and a pink fingerprint bustier.

“My latest album takes you on a very real journey of my personal and emotional evolution over the last couple of years and this new fragrance does the same thing,” the singer said in a statement. PinkPrint is said to be channeling her music’s raw energy. In her own words, the scent “is unexpected, sexy, sophisticated, hypnotic and so many other things.”

The perfume bottle echoes the graphic found on her latest album cover. Her earlier perfumes include Pink Friday, Pink Friday Deluxe Edition, Pink Friday Special Edition, Minajesty, Minajesty Exotic Edition and Onika. All her earlier fragrances have been curated by Firmenich in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.

The perfume will be available in stores in September, People reported. Minaj, 32, said she hoped the new fragrance takes people on a “'personal and emotional evolution.” Minaj took to Instagram and shared a picture of the bottle on Friday and said it was “by far my best”.

Like the “Anaconda” singer’s six previous perfumes, the PinkPrint bottle is also shaped like Minaj but with a gold face. The Pinkprint marks her seventh fragrance in three years. The fragrance, which shares a name with her latest album, includes sweet scents of pink grapefruit and rose.

The fragrance itself includes top notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot and passion fruit. It has earthier base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. The rapper said the new scent will be exclusively available at Kohl’s in August.

Minaj’s latest launch comes a day after Ariana Grande announced she’s launching her first-ever perfume. Besides, Rihanna and Katy Perry have also launched new scents last week.