Recording artist Nicki Minaj poses for photographers on the red carpet as she arrives for the TIME 100 Gala in Manhattan, New York, April 26, 2016. REUTERS/SHANNON STAPLETON

Nicki Minaj looked stunning in her sexy black bodysuit that she chose to wear for her Fourth of July celebrations. The "Anaconda" singer shared the photos on her Instagram account Monday.

Minaj showed off her body in the dress with its front and sides lace-tied, paired with thigh high laced boots. Her outfit was accessorized with a gold watch and a matching cuff bracelet.

Mill's girlfriend is known for her enviable style and sizzling photos on social media, a likely reason why Drake believes the Philadelphia rapper is the "luckiest man" in the world as he has Minaj with him.

“Drake hates Meek Mill for many reasons. But in the same breath, he thinks Meek’s the luckiest man alive. He’s like that kid that doesn’t belong in honors English but is in the class because his mother’s the teacher. That’s how Drake feel [sic] about Meek with Nicki. She’s too much woman for Meek and Meek doesn’t know what to [sic] with her, or all that booty she’s got,” a source told Hollywood Life in May.

Drake and Mill have been in an ongoing feud with each other since July 2015 as they dissed each other with their tracks. Despite his battle with Mill, Drake has been reportedly attracted to Minaj.

Meanwhile, Minaj and Mill have been going strong despite several rumors about their split earlier this year. Some reports had also claimed that the couple is planning to get married soon.