Actor, Nicolas Cage
Five low points that hit Nicolas Cage REUTERS/ERIC THAYER

Nicolas Cage's expletive ridden rant outside a Bar in Bucharest, Romania, which was filmed and aired on local news channels has now hit YouTube

Cage can be heard yelling, I thought we were brothers, man! and I'll die in the name of honor!

Among other things, he is also heard saying, Look into my eyes....respect them as you respect me!

The 46-year-old actor is in the city filming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The outburst ocurred early on Monday morning.

The father-of-two was partying with some friends and crew members before he flew off the handle. While what caused the actor to lose his temper is still unknown, his anger seemed directed at two women and a man, who all tried to pacify him.

At this point Nicolas Cage’s guards got into the act. They are heard ordering him to get into the car Now. Succeeding in getting him into the car, the guards then sped away.

From the looks of it, Cage seems to have been was acquainted with the group and got into an argument which got out of hand.

The video clip has not only made it to the YouTube but eager fans are causing it to emerge as a much watched piece. Fans are also found discussing and comparing his intensity and outrage in real life to reel life.