Nicole Kidman
Rumors about Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have been debunked. In Picture: Nicole Kidman (L) and Keith Urban attend the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images/ Frazer Harrison

Nicole Kidman may have lost out on an Oscar, but she can look forward to some fun on the road as she travels with her husband Keith Urban on a tour. Urban is going on his “Graffiti U” world tour, but according to recent tabloid stories, the only reason why his wife is joining him on this trip is to put a stop to all the cheating rumors about the singer.

The whole family will be on the road together for the “Graffiti U” world tour. Kidman and Urban will be joined by their two daughters. The trip is set to begin by the end of this month and will go on until mid-March. They will be touring Australia and Europe in these months.

However, a tabloid report has suggested that the main reason why Kidman is joining the trip is not to make sure they have some family time. There have been rumors about Urban cheating in the past, and the tabloid claimed that Kidman wants to avoid such stories this time around.

An “insider” apparently told a news outlet that Kidman wants to make sure there are no “whispers” about Urban cheating on her when he is on the road, something that may affect their marriage. Urban is a popular singer, and the unnamed insider said that Kidman knows that there are fans who throw themselves at him. While the celebrity tries to ignore rumors about her husband, the source said that these reports sometimes do get under her skin.

Gossip Cop has debunked the story about Kidman joining her husband on this trip to stop cheating rumors. An official spokesperson for Kidman has confirmed that the tabloid article is false. While it is true that she will be joining Urban and the kids on the tour, the reason for the trip isn’t to prevent people from speculating that he is cheating.

A trip with the family will be good for Kidman after losing out on an Oscar nomination this year. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress failed to impress the Academy, even though she went through a drastic change for her role in “Destroyer.”

Kidman changed her appearance so much that it is difficult to recognize her in “Destroyer.” A review by The Irish News praised the actress for her “fearless” and “uncompromising” performance. The report called the performance a “masterclass” in acting.