In an interview with Who magazine, actress Nicole Kidman said there was still a part of her that would love to have had more children.

The 51-year-old Australian actress is already the mother of four — she adopted Isabella, 25, and Connor, 23, with ex-husband Tom Cruise and has Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, 7, from her marriage with Keith Urban.

In an interview published in the latest issue of Who magazine, the actress was asked if she would consider having a fifth child.

“I would love to have had more,” she said. “Nothing is ever totally out of the question, but in terms of what we can manage. But I’m happy to have the family I have."

"I didn’t think I’d have the miracle of these girls and at the age I was, I was able to have them,” she says of her children with Urban. “That was a miracle and I don’t forget that when I wish I had more.”

Last week, a report in New Idea claimed the couple wanted a baby boy and was looking into options for the same. But this was proven false by Gossip Cop.

The original report quoted an anonymous source who said the actress “opened up about wanting more children,” and was “tenderly touching her stomach” while she posed for photos at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie “Boy Erased.”

“Nicole has made no secret of the fact that she wants more children with Keith and this time she’d love a little boy,” the anonymous source said. “Nicole and Keith have been looking into options to help have a baby. While Nic’s grandmother had a baby late in life, Nicole knows it will be a struggle for her, so the couple are talking about surrogacy and adoption as well.”

Kidman’s rep spoke to Gossip Cop on behalf of the actress and said the quote of Kidman, where she reportedly said “I still have the faintest hope that something may happen to me this year. Keith and I would love to have more babies,” was from a Daily Mail interview from last year.

The story was disproved when Kidman’s interview with Entertainment Tonight was published a few days after the Daily Mail report. Kidman said “No,” when she was asked if she wanted to have more children.

"I would have loved to, if I would have had more kids, but I think I'm past that point now," she said. "But I'm very thrilled with what I have -- my husband says, 'Let's just enjoy what we have!'"