Nicole Kidman
Actress Nicole Kidman arrives for the 90th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, March 4, 2018. Getty Images/ Valerie Macon

An unreliable tabloid has recently come out with a story that claimed actor Tom Cruise’s ex-wives – Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – were planning to appear together in a “Hollywood production.” However, the rumor was debunked by Gossip Cop.

The outlet which attempted to spread the baseless rumor was Grazia, a United Kingdom publication, which claimed to have exclusively learnt from its insiders, based in Los Angeles, that Cruise’s former wives were preparing to team up for an upcoming project.

“Katie and Nicole have exchanged messages via their agents. But out of respect to Tom it’s been kept private,” the anonymous source told the publication. “Obviously, they share common ground, and feel it’s finally time for them to be able to work on something together. There have been covert communications.”

The unnamed tipster went onto add it was not the first time both the actresses had talked on a personal level. Apparently, the “First Daughter” star reached out to the “Eyes Wide Shut” actress for career advice, as the source implied the former had failed to “rebuild” it years after her high-profile divorce from Cruise.

“There’s certainly nothing stopping them working together,” the insider said. “Nicole was wary about it at first, but
 as more time has passed, she has warmed to the idea. Nicole’ s agents have stressed that if it does happen it should be an ensemble piece rather than casting them both as leads in a big drama. Either would, it would cause a huge spectacle.”

One of the biggest giveaways that the untrustworthy tabloid’s story was nothing more than “fake news” was the fact that it provided no details about the alleged “Hollywood production” that the two actresses were planning to team up for. It did not clarify whether the reportedly joint project was going to be a TV show or a movie. In addition, no other major entertainment tabloid picked up the story – something that would have been impossible if the story had any authenticity to it.

Lastly, Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ rep who confirmed the rumor, as suggested, was “untrue” further causing Grazia’s story to lose credibility. The rep added no discussion regarding any future projects had taken place between the two actresses.

Besides, contrary to the insider’s insinuation that Holmes career had gone downhill post-divorce, both the actresses have projects lined up for next year. While Holmes was set to star in a sequel to the 2016 horror movie “The Boy,” for which she will begin shooting in January 2019, Kidman will be busy producing Amazon series “The Expatriates” next year.

Hence, it was clear Grazia was simply trying to cash in on the fact that both Kidman and Holmes were once married to the same celebrity and the unproven rivalry between the two often implied by gossip mongering outlets over the years.