Nikki Bella and John Cena
Nikki Bella was proud of John Cena’s win at WWE Battleground. The couple is pictured attending the ESPYS on July 12, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Nikki Bella may be taking time off from the WWE but that doesn’t mean she isn’t in full support of the organization and its wrestlers. The “Total Divas” star showed her love for her fiancé, John Cena, during his WWE Battleground match and was not shy about sharing how she felt about her man’s battle.

On Sunday, Bella documented her reactions on her Instagram Story while watching Cena’s Flag Match against Rusev. “Love time,” the star wrote across her video as Cena waved the American flag in the ring.

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Not long after her cheers, Bella became upset because Cena was struck by his opponent knocking him to the floor. “Oh hell no,” she said off camera while showing the altercation.

The “Total Bellas” star was back to cheering when Cena got up and looked as if he was prepared to fight. “It’s fiancé’s time” she stated as she posed next to the television.

“I hope my baby wins, USA!” Bella added as the two men continued to fight in the ring.

By her next video post, Bella was gloating about Cena’s victory as she nodded her head to his theme song playing in the background. “Winner, winner,” she sings along to Cena’s music while smirking at the camera.

Bella also took to Twitter to further share her enthusiasm about Cena’s Battleground win. “Yaaay Love!!! USA Baby!!” she wrote. The “Total Divas” star’s support of Cena comes not long after she revealed that the two have taken major steps in planning their wedding after having a slow start.

“So I do have a date now, but I can’t say,” Bella told E! News Thursday. “But we finally came up with a date…and I did find the dress!” she added.

The star revealed that she is completely in love with the gown. “You know, what’s crazy is when I was at the spring fashion shows and I attended Marchesa and when I looked at that line, like she got me when they handed we a glass of Perrier Jouet and a macaroon. I was like, ‘OK, yes,’” she said.

Bella admitted that she instantly knew she found her dress when she saw it. “And then I saw this dress and I was like, ‘That’s Princess Grace Kelly.’ Like that is what I want so bad. And so all the girls warned me, ‘Just so you know, like even though you love it sometimes when you try something on it doesn’t work.’ I put it on and I was like this is the one,” she said.

Although the wrestler is no longer full time in the WWE, she and twin Brie teased their return on her Instagram Story prior to supporting Cena’s match.

“Brie don’t you want to go against Naomi at Summerslam?” Nikki asks her sister. The new mom then admits that she would love to battle her fellow wrestler.

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“Steal her glow,” Brie states as Nikki suggests that they should make a surprise appearance at the event.

While the Bella twins’ WWE return has not been confirmed, it looks like the famous sisters are anxious to get back in the ring.