Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev has a bone to pick with some unwelcome guests. The actress is pictured attending the premiere of “The Promise” on April 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

Nina Dobrev has been very open about her joy when it comes to her newly adopted puppy Maverick, however, the new dog mom was not too thrilled when she was paid a visit by a dog food thief.

On Thursday, the former “Vampire Diaries” actress took to Instagram to document what she and her new puppy go through every time a meal is served outside.

“Every single morning this guy shows up to try to steal Maverick’s food,” Dobrev said on her Instagram story as she points her camera at a black bird who seemed to have its eye on the dog food sitting in a silver bowl on the ground.

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The actress goes on to document the bird, who she refers to as the “culprit,” noting that the creature is brave because it attempted to get closer to the food even though she and her puppy were standing next to it.

Dobrev then encourages her puppy to get up and eat her food before the bird returns to steal it, however, the actress soon reveals that the bird has come back and this time it wasn’t alone.

“Oh, we’re bringing friends now?” Dobrev can be heard saying in the video as she shows the bird has returned with a companion. Although she insists that Maverick come and finish the food, the puppy no longer seems interested in chowing down.

Dobrev first revealed that she adopted the Border Collie-Aussie Shepherd mix earlier in the week. The puppy adoption comes almost a month after the actress’s cat of 18 years passed away.

“I hope I was able to give you a beautiful happy life filled with love, because that’s what you gave me. Saying goodbye to you on Saturday was the most difficult thing I have had to do in my life,” Dobrev wrote in a sentimental post following her cat’s death.

Although she lost one friend, it looks there is more than enough room in Dobrev’s heart for Maverick.