With Nintendo Switch exclusive titles "Pokémon Sword and Shield" on their way out, Nintendo is doing something it does not typically do for customers. The company is reportedly allowing customers to cancel digital pre-orders for the games by way of the Nintendo eShop storefront.

According to Reddit user sQuBNsc26U9whKWJ, the individual made a request for a refund for their digital purchase after becoming frustrated by the cut content in the upcoming games. Nintendo certainly does not make a habit of doing this, but ended up granting the user's refund.

Nintendo issued a statement to the Redditor by way of a customer support email:

"In regard to the recent issue you reported to Nintendo, I’m emailing to let you know that we’ve processed a refund for your digital purchase by adding USD59.99 to your account," a customer service agent emailed to sQuBNsc26U9whKWJ. "You should see the funds available the next time you log in with your Nintendo eShop account." The refund was processed immediately.

"We consider this matter resolved and have closed the incident," Nintendo added.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has issued refunds for problems fans have brought to the company's attention. Following Blizzard's recent actions regarding the ban of a professional gamer over the protests in Hong Kong, it allowed refunds for pre-orders of "Overwatch" when it landed on the Nintendo Switch.

Longtime "Pokémon" fans as well as newcomers have been miffed over the lack of over 400 monsters from the old titles in new games. When there are over 800 Pokémon and only around half are available in the new titles on more powerful hardware, players feel as though they're being shortchanged.

The complete Pokédex is curiously bereft of many classic Pokémon as well, which means those mostly familiar with earlier titles in the series won't have access to their favorite battlers. It's all part of a matter called "Dexit," with fans continuing to protest just one week before the games release officially on Nintendo Switch.

It remains to be seen whether the games will sell as well as their older titles, but it's likely these cuts could end up being dealbreakers. It's unfortunate, but it could be that fans have decided they don't want to deal with missing content like this.