• Nintendo is rumored to hold its first Nintendo Direct event for this year in February
  • Some insiders have speculated the date of the Nintendo gaming event
  • Nintendo has not yet said anything related to the Direct event

Several industry insiders have earlier said that a Nintendo Direct could happen sometime in February but while they did not provide any specific date, a surprising source may have hinted at the date of the highly anticipated event from the Japanese gaming giant.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Xeno_Joey, was bewildered and probably amazed when Charles Martinet, the voice behind the iconic Super Mario, liked his tweet. The tweet that the voice actor liked said: "Nintendo Direct-February 16th. Save this tweet."

The Twitter user explained in another tweet that the date was just a prediction. "I know this probably doesn't mean anything at all, but I just thought it was funny. It was just a prediction," he said.

For some fans, Martinet's reaction to the Twitter user's tweet could be a hint that Nintendo Direct will stream on Feb. 16. But, the voice actor likes a lot of tweets and it is highly likely that there's nothing to this.

Another industry insider, who goes by the name Zippo, earlier predicted that a Nintendo Direct event could happen this month. The insider mentioned that the event could take place in the second week of February.

"I know that there are a lot of people that are eager to find when the next #NintendoDirect is scheduled. Well, I'm hearing some announcement scheduled and launch period for games that right know makes me confident to say that it should arrive before last February direct (2/17)," industry insider Samus Hunter tweeted in January.

While Nintendo has not yet said anything about its first Direct event for this year, fans have speculated what the company might feature at the gaming showcase. Zippo said a new "Mario Kart" installment might be announced at the event.

Apart from those, the insider believed that the announcement of a new "Xenoblade Chronicles" game, as well as a new "Fire Emblem" series entry could be featured at the upcoming Nintendo Direct event. However, there is no official confirmation yet.