Nintendo has been very secretive of its newest console that nothing official is known about it up to now. However, a new report is claiming that the Japanese video game company could take the wraps off of its new console this month as part of the fifth year anniversary of Nintendo Direct.

According to Squish Turtle, there is a possibility that Nintendo could be introducing the Nintendo NX to the public on Oct. 21 of this year during the broadcast of Nintendo Direct. The site claims one of the reasons for this is to coincide the device’s launch with the fifth year anniversary of Nintendo Direct that was first released online back in 2011.

The pre-recorded broadcast is usually done to announce and promote big titles and smaller indie games to fans. It also serves as the replacement for the E3 press conferences, since big announcements are also made during Nintendo Direct.

The company did not hold a Nintendo Direct event last year due to the passing of the company’s president and Nintendo Direct host Satoru Iwata, so it is now being speculated that Nintendo will likely grab this opportunity to announce the NX this month.

Forbes reports, however, that nothing has been made official about the device save for the fact that it is slated for release in March 2017. The site speculates that since Nintendo now has less than six months to launch the NX, the company is tied to releasing its new console in March to satisfy investors by the end of its fiscal year.

Since the NX was announced, questionable leaks have surfaced to claim that the new gaming system is going to be a mix of a portable device and a docking station. The NX is also rumored to sport detachable controllers, so it would be easy for players to just ditch them and the docking station when its time to play games using the portable device.

The rumored launch date surfaced after it was reported that British retailer Tesco accidentally published the preorder page for the console, revealing the purported release date and price of the NX.

Based on the preorder page that has since been removed, the Nintendo NX is going on sale staring Dec. 31, 2016 for £349.99 ($450). Nonetheless, sources believe the published details were simply placeholders, since no official information from Nintendo has arrived yet.