• Nintendo has released "WarioWare :Get it Together!" on Sept. 10
  • 2022 could be a huge year for the Japanese gaming giant 
  • An insider recently shared a list of games Nintendo might launch next year

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is expected to hold the Nintendo Direct in September, While it is not yet confirmed, a new leak has revealed the company's games lineup for 2022.

The Nintendo 2022 games lineup was leaked by industry insider Leaky Pandy on Twitter. "NS 2022 should be a key year for Nintendo. They will be planting the seed of a new wave of evergreen titles to make the platform flourish in the second half of its life cycle," the insider tweeted.

"Nintendo will be also relying on collaborations as well. The way they have leveraged their relation with Bandai Namco has proven successful", the insider added. "FY 2022 should see the fruits of Koei Tecmo releasing 2 games in 2 core Nintendo franchises 100% developed by KT."

A customer browses the gaming section of Nintendo products in a shop in Tokyo on May 6, 2021 A customer browses the gaming section of Nintendo products in a shop in Tokyo on May 6, 2021 Photo: AFP / Philip FONG

"It's also exciting to hear about new IP but it remains to be seen how they introduce it," Leaky Pandy wrote in the Twitter thread. Sadly, the names of the games are not mentioned.

Next year could be huge for the Japanese gaming giant. The titles that are expected to launch include "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2," "Splatoon 3," "Bayonetta 3," "Metroid Prime 4," a new "Mario Kart" game and a new "Donkey Kong" title.

Aside from the upcoming games, Nintendo might also roll out the heavily rumored Switch Pro next year. However, Nintendo has not yet announced its 2022 games lineup. 

Nintendo recently launched "WarioWare: Get It Together!." The minigame party title was announced at the E3 2021 during the Nintendo Direct presentation. 

The latest game was co-developed by Nintendo EPD and Intelligent Systems for Nintendo's hybrid gaming console. It is the 10th installment to the hit "WarioWare" series.