• Nintendo last held a Nintendo Direct event in June 
  • Last week, an insider claimed the gaming event could happen on Sept. 7 or 8
  • Nintendo hasn't said anything about its next gaming event yet

A Nintendo Direct event is believed to be happening this month. While some fans expect it to occur this week, a reliable Nintendo insider has claimed it is most likely happening next week.

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo had its most recent Nintendo Direct presentation during E3 2021, which took place in June. It has been almost three months since then and some fans believe another run of the event is imminent.

Last week, an industry insider shared the release window of the next Nintendo event but it appears another tipster is not convinced with their revelation. The latter, who goes by the name Samus Hunter, thinks that while it is possible for the games showcase to happen this week, they personally believe it would push through next week instead, following the Friday release of "WarioWare: Get It Together."

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"Way back in July I said 'around WarioWare launch'. The 8th/9th is still possible, but I personally expect the week after, because of other presentations and the game review period/launch," the insider said on a Twitter thread Saturday.

The tipster also predicted the event's highlight, as well as the games that would be featured at the next Nintendo Direct.

Aside from "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate," they named two other games Nintendo would potentially showcase at its next event, such as "Project Triangle Strategy" and "Splatoon 3."

"Given that is planned to be released before the Fiscal Years, we might get more news in the next direct. Triangle Strategy is in a similar position," the insider further said.

They went on to say that "Xenoblade Chronicles 3" might also make an appearance during the highly anticipated event.

"Yes, I'm feeling it, now it's reveal time! I reported the game's existence and development status since early 2021 and June/July. Recordings are wrapping up. Which characters will physically return...and which in a different form," the tipster noted.

The insider already provided accurate Nintendo leaks in the past. However, it is worth noting that they did not present any piece of evidence to back up their latest claim.

Moreover, the Japanese gaming giant has remained mum about the heavily rumored event. In the absence of any official announcement from the company, fans are advised to manage their expectations.