'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe'
"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is essentially a port of the Wii U game, but that's not a bad thing. Here are five games from the Wii era that we want to see on Nintendo Switch. "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is available now. Nintendo

Nintendo Switch games will likely be somewhat slow to arrive in the console’s opening months, but that drought of new content can be supplemented by awesome ports. Following the recent success of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, here are five ports we want to see.

1) Super Mario Maker: Super Mario Maker was one of Wii U’s best and most successful games because it broke the typically rigid Nintendo mold. The pre-made Super Mario courses of the last few decades are still amazing, but it was positively brilliant to watch what creative level designers could do given the proper tools. The course manipulation interface was so simple that anyone could dream as big or little as they like.

'Super Mario Maker'
"Super Mario Maker" broke the Nintendo mold by letting players get creative. It's a shoo-in for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo/Facebook

When it comes to Switch, almost nothing about the basic concept would need to change. It’d be cool to have options to adjust physics based on style or to switch palettes on the fly, but even that’s not mandatory. Give us a few new items and try to bring over as many Wii U courses as possible.

2) Super Smash Bros.: It was initially off-putting when we learned Nintendo had opted to call the fourth game in this series Super Smash Bros. with no additional title, but these days the simplicity makes sense. This popular fighter has essentially become a platform, and the Wii U version is one of the tightest and most-balanced iterations to date. In that sense, we don’t need to change much. Just let us take the console build on the go.

'Super Smash Bros'
Fans continue to guess who'll be included in the “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” roster. Nintendo/Facebook

If Nintendo is in an extra good mood, it also wouldn’t be too difficult to add a couple characters to the existing roster. The Inklings from Splatoon and the return of Wolf or Ice Climbers seems like a no-brainer. There are lots of rumors about this one, so keep your fingers crossed.

3) Pokémon Sun & Moon: Pokémon Sun And Moon combined to be the best selling games of 2016, and they gave serious momentum to a Nintendo that was almost dead silent for the rest of the year. Thankfully, despite the lack of details, Sun And Moon turned out just fine. They were the perfect capstones to the groundswell of Pokémania brought on by Pokémon Go.

'Pokémon Sun And Moon' starters
"Pokémon Sun And Moon" marked the end of a great year for this popular franchise, and tradition demands a version of these games for Nintendo's new handheld console. Nintendo/The Pokémon Company/Facebook

The reason we’d like to see some sort of port on Switch is because it makes sense. Not only have Nintendo fans been begging for a Pokémon console game for years, but it also fits perfectly with what the series has done in the past. Every mainline Pokémon game has had a third-pillar title that releases a year or so after the originals. We’ve heard the rumors about Pokémon Sky or Pokémon Stars on Switch, and we hope they’re true.

4) Super Mario Galaxy Remasters: Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel were two of the best games the franchise has ever seen. Its unique planetoid level designs redefined what it meant to be a 3D platformer. Because the courses were spherical, Nintendo was able to experiment with new ideas while mastering old ones. In many ways, the two games were a perfect blend of three decades of Mario goodness.

'Super Mario Galaxy'
"Super Mario Galaxy" redefined 3D platformers, and we'd love to play a 1080p remaster of both titles on Switch. Nintendo

Considering the Nintendo Switch is capable of 1080p output and 60fps gameplay, that’s all we’d really want to see from an updated port. Just upgrade some textures, add a little shine and give us the definitive way to play these two amazing games on a handheld.

5) Punch-Out: Motion-control gaming is a touchy subject, but seeing how much the Joy-Con adds to fighting games like ARMS really got our wheels turning. Wouldn’t it be great to re-experience the Wii version of Punch-Out with the improved technology? Punches can be more precise, and we finally don’t have to deal with that darn sensor bar.

'Punch-Out' Wii
"Punch-Out" would be a great way to test the enhanced motion capabilities of the Switch's Joy-Con controller. Nintendo

In terms of new features, it’d be awesome to include all content from the first game plus a full remake of Super Punch-Out for the SNES. We saw a few sequel characters make it to Wii, but why not bring the whole cast? Out of all the games on this list, this one makes the best use of the Switch’s unique hardware.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is available now on Nintendo Switch.

What games would you like to see ported to Switch? Are there any must-haves we missed? Tell us in the comments section!