Nintendo Switch hardware problems have been heavily publicized since the console’s release this month, and that environment allowed a single tweet about a melting MicroSD card to spread like wildfire. To prove there’s nothing to worry about, the source published a detailed post on his personal blog.

Thursday afternoon, indie developer Mikolaj “Sos” Kamiński tweeted “just put my @SanDisk 128GB MicroSD inside the Switch and it got so hot it melted.” He also provided photo proof of his thumbprint etched in the plastic casing. Other news outlets furthered the frenzy by citing Amazon reviews that mention similar failures when the card was inserted into laptops.

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However, on the Sos blog, Kamiński fully explains the ordeal. As suggested rather quickly in a follow up tweet, he confirmed that he believes the issue is with the card rather than the Switch hardware. The SanDisk product had supposedly “spent a year in my drawer” before being used with the Switch, and he thinks this timely deterioration caused a reasonable defect.

In few words, he explains that MicroSD cards are complex products that fit lots of data in a very small space. If even one piece of insulation were to wear down over casual use, the incident shown above would occur. As for that Amazon review, it’s actually for a SanDisk 64GB card with a totally different model number. “It escalated beyond reason so I took the [tweet] down” he said. He bid his readers farewell and referred to his SD-melting mishap as “fake news.”

Some Nintendo Switch hardware errors that appear to be more real, however, are reports of Joy-Con sync issues and the Switch dock scratching the bezel around the tablet’s screen. Nintendo has yet to provide a substantial solution to either problem.

Nintendo Switch is available now for $299.
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