• Nintendo is predicted to outsell the PS5 and Xbox Series this year
  • This feat is reportedly possible due to the launch of the Switch Pro
  • A new claim reveals the release date and features of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro

If there is a perfect venue for announcing the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, it would be on the recent Nintendo Direct event. Despite its absence in the event, an industry insider believes that the upcoming gaming console would arrive this year, packed with impressive features.

The latest rumor about the Nintendo Switch Pro was shared by insider Nate Drake in a new forum post on ResetEra. According to him, he is confident that the upcoming hybrid console would be announced this year. While he hopes for a 2021 launch, he believes he would know it in the coming months.

Apart from the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro release window, the insider claims that the upcoming console utilizes  NVIDIA DLSS technology and supports 4K functionality. He notes that it could be "like a PS4 with DLSS and a more capable CPU." While fans are not expecting the rumored console to compete with the PS5, a handheld gaming device as powerful as the PlayStation 4 sounds incredible.

hottest-toys-2020-nintendo-switch Nintendo Switch. Photo: BestBuy

The insider notes that the "meaningful upgrade" of the rumored Switch Pro is not all internals. In fact, he mentions that its handheld mode would be enhanced and would receive a bigger and higher resolution. Drake also notes that the said console would be officially called Super Nintendo Switch. The name seems a nod to one of the company's most loved retro consoles, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In December 2020, Nintendo of America boss Doug Bowser shot down rumors that the company would launch the Switch Pro soon. In an interview, Bowser said that the Switch Lite is still doing very well for the company to begin developing a new device. But, industry watchers and insiders are not at all convinced. 

Earlier this year, industry experts predicted that 2021 is going to be another strong year for Nintendo. They believed that Nintendo Switch would outsell Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series with the help of the more powerful Nintendo Switch Pro. In the absence of confirmation and an official announcement from the Japanese gaming giant, fans should temper their expectations about the Super Switch or Switch Pro and take the latest leak with a pinch of salt.