• Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017
  • Nintendo is set to launch a new console this year
  • The Nintendo Switch OLED will roll out on Oct. 8 

Several reports from Europe have claimed Nintendo will sell its hybrid gaming console, specifically the standard Nintendo Switch, at a much cheaper price starting Monday.

Several European retailers reported over the weekend the imminent price slash for the standard Nintendo Switch 2019 model. Spanish publication Gamereactor revealed it "has been able to confirm that the Nintendo Switch sale will take place on Monday, September 13, 2021. Starting next week, the hybrid console will cost less than 300 euros throughout Spain, although the difference is yet to be determined." 

Speculations about Nintendo selling the 2019 Switch model at a much lesser price started last Friday when Nintend'Alerts shared on Twitter that the price of the original Nintendo Switch will drop from €329 ($388) to €270 ($318). 

Since it hit stores in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a huge global seller Since it hit stores in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a huge global seller Photo: AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

Currently, the Switch retails for around €339 ($399) in Europe, £279 ($385) in the U. K., and $299 in the U. S. The price slash would mean around €60 ($70)  price drop or around $70 or £80 ($110).

Theoretically, this could mean the Nintendo Switch could retail for $299 in the U. S., or around £299 in the U. K. VGC also backs these reports about Nintendo Switch. 

"One independent retailer VGC spoke to said they’d also seen evidence to suggest a discount would be implemented in the UK this week," the publication claimed

The Japanese gaming giant launched the Nintendo Switch hybrid gaming console in 2017. However, the gaming console hasn't seen any price drop since its introduction in the market four years ago. 

While the price cut is interesting it is not a surprising move from the hybrid console maker. Nintendo is set to launch the Switch OLED on Oct. 8, which will retail at $349 (£309 or €365). 

It is possible Nintendo just wants the first Switch console to look more attractive since a new version is coming up in less than a month. Despite these reports from various retailers, Nintendo has not yet commented about the supposed permanent price slash of the Switch. 

As of May 2021, the Nintendo Switch sold more than 84.6 million units and ranked as the eighth best-selling console ever.