• Nintendo updated Switch with the Bluetooth connection feature
  • Nintendo Switch users can now use wireless headphones
  • It can accommodate up to two game controllers while connected to a Bluetooth audio output

Nintendo has finally added Bluetooth audio support to its Switch video game console. However, the latest update does not provide support for microphone input.

The Japanese company on Tuesday announced the Switch consoles will now have the ability to connect wirelessly to an audio output. But there are certain limitations to the feature, such as no support for microphone input through Bluetooth.

The Settings menu will show the Bluetooth Audio option after updating the device. It will also have an indicator that shows the Switch's current connection status, Engadget reported.

Nintendo said Switch's Bluetooth connection feature is limited to the audio output and hence, gamers will not be able to use Bluetooth microphones.

During a Bluetooth connection, the console can only accommodate up to two wireless controllers. Gamers will have to disconnect the device in order to play with more controllers. Switch will automatically cut the console's connection to the Bluetooth headphones if the players start a local wireless multiplayer game.

Even after the update, some users faced difficulty in connecting their Nintendo Switch consoles to Bluetooth audio output devices, The Verge reported.

A gamer who was using the AirPods Pro did not have any trouble connecting the headphone to Nintendo Switch Lite by following the instructions in the setting menu. The user told the outlet that the device did not face any delays during "WarioWare: Get It Together" game. The connection was automatically restored even after a cold boot.

However, a second-generation Switch user had difficulty connecting an Arctis Pro Wireless headphone to the game console. The user said he had to reboot the Switch three times before he could finally connect it to the device. He even tried with a set of first-gen Amazon Echo Buds and Wyze Buds Pro, a Bose QC25 Bluetooth adapter and an LG TV set.

The Bluetooth connection capability has been missing in the Nintendo Switch since its launch in 2017. Due to this, users had to use Bluetooth adapters to enjoy wireless audio on their consoles.

Aside from the Bluetooth connection feature, the latest update also allows users to maintain internet connection to the Nintendo Switch even in sleep mode. Games now will not have to waste time to download content as the process will continue even while the console is in sleep mode.

Nintendo announced updates of popular Switch game titles, but did not offer any word on updates for the popular handheld console itself
Nintendo announced updates of popular Switch game titles, but did not offer any word on updates for the popular handheld console itself AFP / Behrouz MEHRI