The team behind LeapDroid, a fast and powerful Android emulator for PC, is joining Google. Though this is good news for the team, this is actually bad news for users who enjoyed using the software to run Android games on their PC.

AndroidAuthority has learned that LeapDroid users can still rely on the software to run Android apps, but they should not expect further updates from now on. Furthermore, interested users will not be able to download the software anymore because official downloads have been removed from the Internet.

The obvious reason why the software is not getting updates moving forward is due to the fact that the team behind it will focus on working with Google to “continue pushing the frontier of technology.”

Sharing details about the big move in their careers, co-founders Huan Ren and Huihong Luo wrote on the official LeapDroid blog: “Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our journey — we are joining Google.”

“In order to focus on our next chapter, we have decided to discontinue the development of LeapDroid emulator … We’ve been so proud to build LeapDroid and can’t wait to show you more of what we’ll be working on at Google,” they added.

The LeapDroid co-founders also revealed that it took them over a year to build LeapDroid after starting working on it back in 2015.

The announcement may have come as shocking news to users, since LeapDroid was only released to the public months ago. Even though it’s good to know that users can still run the latest version of the software, it’s quite unfortunate to know that both development and support for LeapDroid have been discontinued.

Engadget reports that specific details about the deal are not available, but the team is implying that this is not technically an acquisition because LeapDroid is not in the picture and will not be affiliated with Google.