• Salvaged Frigate Modules are used to purchase new fleet upgrades and rooms
  •  They are obtained randomly from activities like fleet expeditions
  • Crashed and Derelict Freighters often have usable frigate modules 

The changes made to freighters brought about by the “Endurance” update have greatly increased the importance of Salvaged Frigate Modules, used to purchase new freighter parts for advanced mobile base building.

Unlike their smaller and more common counterparts for multi-tools and exosuits, Salvaged Frigate Modules are not as easy to get. They normally involve plenty of luck, and it will take some time to get enough of these items to unlock every single base part from the freighter upgrade terminal.

Fleet Expeditions

Frigate modules are randomly obtained as rewards from fleet expeditions. This is arguably the most reliable way of earning them since they can be left running in the background even when the player is offline.

However, to get the most Salvaged Frigate Modules, players should run other activities that have a chance to reward them.

Freighter upgrades and base building parts can be unlocked via the terminal on the bridge - No Man's Sky
Freighter upgrades and base building parts can be unlocked via the terminal on the bridge No Man's Sky

Derelict Freighters

Derelict Freighters sometimes have frigate modules tucked away in their cargo. These are excellent sources of other loot and valuable resources, making them very attractive for players who want to maximize their earnings.

Make sure to visit Helios at the Space Anomaly at least once per week to get a free Emergency Broadcast Receiver, though do take note that he will only give these items out after the player has already purchased at least one of them from scrap dealers aboard space stations.

Crashed Freighters

Another source of Salvaged Frigate Modules is Crashed Freighters, which can be randomly found on planets. These are somewhat rare, and they only spawn on planetary surfaces, but they do have a small chance to contain frigate modules inside the many jettisoned cargo pods scattered near crash sites.

Crashed Freighters also appear on the Analysis Visor as points of interest. Additionally, they are very large and can be easily spotted while exploring on foot or in the air.

Alternatively, players can use the Minotaur mech suit equipped with the Radar Array upgrade to help make scanning planetary surfaces more convenient. This will let the mech suit detect Crashed Freighters alongside other similar points of interest.

Once a freighter is located, scan the area for cargo pods and open them. Be careful since they often release high levels of radiation.