• The Endurance update completely reworks how freighters are built and operated
  • Players can now turn freighters into mobile bases for interstellar exploration
  • Base building also received a nice QoL change

Hello Games’ space-faring survival game “No Man’s Sky” continues to grow larger than most fans had expected with the advent of Update 3.94, also known as “Endurance,” which reinvents how freighters and capital ships work as they cruise along the stars.

Like previous updates, “Endurance” completely overhauls how “No Man’s Sky” is enjoyed. This free rework/expansion reimagines how freighters are captained since they were introduced back in the “Foundation” update.

The rework will now let players set up and operate their fleets and use gigantic freighters as their bases of choice. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new and what players can expect when they log into the game again.

Bridge and Interior QoL Changes

Overhauled bridges now feature quick access to teleporters and warping, which should shave some time off running between ship stations. The captain’s bridge now has revamped visuals,including better lighting and improved room layouts.

The ship hangar is now connected to the bridge via short-ranged teleporters, stairs and hallways. Other larger teleporters on bases and space stations now allow players to quickly pop in and out of the freighter’s hangar.

Also, there are Nutrition Rooms where food can be cooked and stored.

Lastly, freighters now have dedicated cargo holds for storing precious loot and materials. Additionally, there will now be built-in industrial modules like refiners, containers and materializers inside themed engineering bays.

All rooms and even exterior freighter spaces can be decorated at will by players, opening up tons of possibilities for personal customization. As an added touch, any hired specialists, frigate captains and squadron pilots can be seen dynamically exploring or performing tasks inside ships.

These changes also apply to organic vessels, though RNG is still involved in terms of ship generation.

Expect to experience most of these freighter changes in the new Polestar Expedition, which comes with the update.

Base Building Changes

Players can now place base parts on top of existing ones, eliminating the need to delete them manually outright.

Freighter building now has access to free placement mode, allowing for more creative builds.

Improved Space Visuals

The developers have improved some of the spectacles players can see in space, including updated nebulae, gas clouds and black holes, like the one shown below.

Improved visual effects were added in No Man's Sky's Endurance update
Improved visual effects were added in No Man's Sky's Endurance update Hello Games