Nokia donated $1.25 million (€1 million) to Plan, an international children's organization, the company announced on Monday. The funds will be used to modernize communications technologies in Africa and raise children's awareness of their rights and opportunities.

The cell phone manufacturer said this is the first stage of the partnership. Nokia will support Plan's existing media and communications technology projects for Africa's children and youth.

"The aim of our cooperation with Plan is to fight poverty by empowering African youth and giving them a voice through the use of technology. Plan has a good existing network, positive track record and extensive experience in using technology for youth development in Africa and was therefore, a very good value fit for Nokia,' said Veli Sundbäck, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations and Responsibility, Nokia.

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) such as radio, internet, mobile devices and television will be used to tackle poverty. Youths will be shown how to use such technologies. In addition, children will be given the opportunity to voice their concerns and learn about issues that are relevant for them, Nokia said.