Nokia unveiled new multimedia mobile phones and a new navigation software, on Monday during the on-going World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The new navigation software, Map 2.0 provides navigation to pedestrians.

Nokia stressed the importance of convergence of the Internet, handheld devices and computers.

It's not just about mobility but marrying the mobile phone with the Web and the personal computer, said Nikolas Savander, head of Nokia's services and software unit.

The new multimedia phone, N96 an upgrade of N95, has a large screen and more memory.

Nokia said the new phone will be available in the third quarter, costing $797 before subsidies, although it will not have a touch screen technology like Apple's iPhone.

Nokia Chief Executive, Olli Pekka Kallasvuo said that phones with touch technology will be released later.

The new Nokia phone, N96, came at the right time to the market just shortly after the release of the 16 gigabyte iPhone.

There is a stiff competition in the market of multimedia devices.

Apple launched the iPhone last year in June and Blackberry maker of Research in Motion is also entering the market with new models like the pearl.

Sony Erickson on Sunday also unveiled seven new phones including one which has a touch screen, 5 mega pixel camera and Wi-Fi internet capabilities.

In an effort to increase its global market share by 40 percent, Nokia has been releasing new products at a steady rate.