Nokia announced Tuesday a pair of new smartphones, the Nokia X7 and Nokia E6.

While announced at the same time, the two devices target very different demographics. Akin to RIM's BlackBerry, the E6 targets the enterprise, while its flashier cousin, the X7, is aimed at entertainment enthusiasts, the company said.

The E6, which features a full QWERTY keyboard as well as a touch screen, is a far less gaudy device than the X7, with a much more businesslike look that eschews bright colors. It will offer access to a number of Microsoft services, including Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint.

With a 4 display, 8-megapixel camera, and support for HD video, the X7 falls into an entirely different category. The device will be shipped with Galaxy On Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD, two games ideally suited to take advantage of the display. Nokia says that both phones will ship in the second quarter.

Also announced today was an update to the Symbian operating system, code-named Anna. Included with the X7 and E6, the update includes new icons, enhanced text input, a new Web browser, and an enhanced Ovi Maps application. The update also comes with improved, enterprise-level security settings -- a key feature if the company seeks to gain any traction with the business sector. Nokia says that the update will be made available for existing phones within the coming months and will be the first in a series of updates to Symbian.

For Nokia, Tuesday's announcements could not come at a more significant time. With its Q1 Earnings coming April 21st, Nokia has had to soothe investor concerns that its recent deal with Microsoft will cannibalize its own product offerings. But the effects of that deal could not be clearer. Bloomberg reports that the company is planning to sever ties with approximately 6,000 employees within the next year. Analysts expect the workforce reductions to be enforced gradually, as Nokia will be forced to contend with Finnish employment laws.