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The nomadplug and all its components
The nomadplug and all its components IBTimes/Bob Fekete

Who Is The Nomadplug For?

  • The nomadplug is ideal for anyone who travels internationally
  • The plug supports outlets in all 195 countries
  • The nomadplug includes a USB-C charger for devices like cell phones and laptops

Those who travel around the world know that there are several types of wall outlets in different countries. That makes it a little difficult to keep electronic devices charged. Nomadplug knows the pain of forgetting a wall adapter all too well, and has created a device that can convert an outlet in any country into the one that fits your electronics.


All-In-One Approach

The nomadplug's genius design fits every major wall plug type into one sleek device. If you are an American travelling in Europe, simply set the two-pronged plug up and you're set. Need to convert a Chinese plug into a UK outlet? No problem. Just a few seconds of swapping parts, and you're good to go.

There is also an included USB-C charger. This piece has a United States/Japan-style two-prong back, but like the rest of the nomadplug, the converter pieces can be attached to make the USB-C charger capable of being plugged into any outlet as well. This USB-C port is handy for cell phones or laptops that use a USB-C charging port, meaning you don't have to lug around any extra power bricks.


Wonderfully Constructed

All of these conversion pieces for the nomadplug are tucked into one unit, making them easy to find and nearly impossible to lose. The pieces also use a light magnet to keep themselves held together without causing everything else magnetic to stick to the nomadplug as well.

To make the nomadplug more form-fitting, the plug that sticks into the wall can be folded. This allows the outlet piece to flip down, giving the nomadplug some added security while making it easier to plug in devices. It also allows the nomadplug to not stick straight out of a wall, creating a tripping hazard.


It seems silly to say, but the nomadplug is almost fun to play around with. There's an odd satisfaction to pulling the nomadplug apart and putting the different converters together in new combinations and the whole wall adapter just feels nice to touch. The little pops of color are also a great touch in making the nomadplug much more aesthetically pleasing.

The nomadplug is lightweight and comes with a carrying pouch, making it incredibly easy to tuck into a bag without taking up too much space. If you don't want or need the USB-C charger, it can be removed without sacrificing any converter pieces. This also makes the nomadplug even smaller and easier to carry around.

But Does It Work?

As an American living in the United States, I don't really have much access to outlets or plugs from around the world. I can definitely confirm that plugging the US-style plug into a wall, and plugging a US-style power cable into the nomadplug did provide power to the device I tested. Additionally, I used the EU-style plug as a converter between the US-style plug and outlet, which also provided power to the device I was testing. Based on those tests, it would make sense that all the parts of the nomadplug work as intended.


Final Thoughts


Once global travel has resumed, the nomadplug should be a must-buy for everyone. It can easily allow any plug to work with any outlet after only a few seconds of configuration. The nomadplug is lightweight, comes with its own carrying pouch, and even includes a USB-C charger. This is a no-brainer purchase, if anything for the peace of mind given by knowing wherever you are in the world, you're covered.

The nomadplug is currently only available from the official nomadplug website and costs $76.44 plus shipping. According to the website, the nomadplug will be available in other stores soon, but no time frame was given for availability.