Tipsters reveal that Huawei’s upcoming flagship, the Mate 30 Pro, will feature a revolutionary camera setup that’s far better than what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 has to offer.

According to Twitter user @Rodent950, a self-proclaimed “mobile-focused contributor” to known leak site Slashleaks, the Mate 30 Pro will feature two 40MP cameras plus one 8MP telephoto lens with 5x zoom. The two 40MP lenses are different from each other despite having the same size.

The first 40MP lens is a 1/1.5" sensor with f/1.6 - f/1.4 aperture. It has RYYB pixel layout and Cine lens features when capturing videos. The other 40MP lens is a 1/1.7" 120° ultrawide lens, with cine lens features as well.

The leaked camera specs simply put Samsung’s offering to shame. Previous reports reveal that the standard Galaxy Note 10 has a 12MP main sensor, a 12MP telephoto lens, and a 16MP camera for wide angle shots. The Plus version, on the other hand, adds a Time of Flight (TOF) sensor to the three cameras found on the standard version.

Some might think that the difference between Samsung and Huawei’s offerings isn’t really that big, but when placed side by side, the difference is actually visible -- at least in terms of hardware.

Noted tipster Ice Universe posted another tweet to show “how big the gap is.” Using an image of two huge 40MP cameras sitting beside a small 12MP lens, the tipster effectively showed that “in fact, Note10 has no chance of beating Mate30 Pro in terms of camera hardware.”

Other details

Those who read other tweets following @Rodent950’s leak will find some interesting information regarding the upcoming camera setup.

When asked if the “cine lens” feature were real or just some sort of emulation, the leaker replied that “at this time it’s software,” while adding that the Mate 30 Pro camera’s “main upgrade point” is video recording. Simply put, the upcoming flagship’s camera is designed for taking videos, not photos.

Also, another Twitter user asked the leaker about the RYYB pixel layout mentioned. The tipster said the Mate 30 Pro’s camera will be like the Huawei P30’s camera in that the green pixels are replaced by yellow pixels which, according to another Twitter user on the same thread, “gathers 30% more light than the conventional RGGB” pixel layout.

Huawei Mate 10
Huawei is believed to be working on a revolutionary camera setup for the Mate 30 Pro flagship. Pictured: The Huawei Mate 10 features a bezel-less design with its full-screen display. Weibo