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Nura has come a long way since NuraPhone made large splashes in the headphone market, which boasted an unconventional in-ear/over-ear design that offered a unique listening experience. Two and a half years since I reviewed the debut product from Nura, I'm now holding its latest product: the NuraTrue.

Being the first Nura in the TWS earbud form factor, the big question is: can it still offer enough of the Nura-ness to make another special impact to the headphone sphere? Let's dive in to find out.


Designed and Built with Nura's DNA

On first appearance, the NuraTrue's charging case looks deceptively simple. Nura went for a minimalist case design and a matte black finish. The simple case has an USB-C charging port and hidden charge lights.


Upon opening the case, you're presented with two perfect circles with the Nura logo debossed in chrome. The tastefully implemented logos are not only for looks, but they act as onboard capacitive buttons. Anyone familiar with Nura headphones will feel very comfortable with these as they are just like the NuraPhone controls; however, I'd actually argue that these are even better.

The controls on the NuraPhone were very sensitive, and covered the entire surface, which I found myself often activating accidentally. With the NuraTrue however, only the chrome logo part of the faceplate is sensitive to touch, and I almost never touch them unwantedly. This lets the user take full advantage of Nura's onboard controls - which can be customized in the Nura app as its predecessors.


Ergonomic Wing + Tip Design

On the other side of the round shield faceplate, you have the business side of the coin - which in typical Nura fashion is far from generic. The overall shape is a smaller circle with a protruding sound nozzle - initially looking quite large, but actually fits very well in my ears.


The NuraTrue utilizes a Wing + Tip design, where there are two layers of silicone attachments to choose from. There are 5 pairs of tips to choose from, including a memory foam set. Two pairs of wings are also included, one with a longer stabilizer that would hold the earpieces more firmly in the ear, good for wearing them for workouts.


Having used NuraPhone, then NuraLoop and now NuraTrue, I'd have to say that the latest earphones are by far the most comfortable to wear out of the three. They are good enough to wear for hours at a time, without feeling any discomfort.


Mysterious Sound Tech

Looking into the sound nozzles, where most earphones would just show you either a sound filter for a Balanced Armature driver, or the diaphragm of a Dynamic Driver, the NuraTrue has a curious rectangle just inside the opening.

Yes I could ask about the technology behind the mysterious rectangle, but my previous enquiries to Nura's founder Dr. Dragan Petrovic on the tech within the NuraLoop was met with a call to focus more on the final result. Despite my curiosity, I'm fine with the secrecy - as long as it sounds good. So the big question is: does the NuraTrue sound good?


Nura's Personal Sound Profiling

One of Nura's strengths has always been the integration between hardware and software, which is how Nura headphones are able to run a profiling process. The process is fully automated and detects sounds that your ears make in response to a series of tones the earphone plays. The NuraTrue then uses the picked up sound from your ears to provide a personalized profile to apply to your earphone.

As with its predecessors the NuraPhone and the NuraLoop, the NuraTrue sounds amazing to me after the profiling process. The overall frequency response is aimed more at an enjoyable sound (Read: Harmon Curve) rather than a neutral sound - which is quite normal from a TWS earbud.


NuraTrue caters for bass lovers, especially when you activate the Immersion Mode, which produces a deep and rich bass response. In fact the bass in the latest Nura earphones can be so strong, that I can sometimes feel the vibration of the earpiece, just as what the NuraPhone is famous for.

Nura's personal sound profiling doesn't stop at tweaking equalizers though, when the Personalized sound is activated, there is also a change in the soundstage presentation, and also a vast improvement in the instrument separation - both very impressive especially on a closed-back earphone like the NuraTrue.

Super fast Bluetooth Connection

NuraTrue supports aptX, SBC, and AAC codec, which has excellent quality but what's impressive is the speed it is able to connect to the source device. The fastest connecting TWS earphones that I have used before is the Jabra Elite 75T and its successor Elite 85T, both of which can be connected before I put them into my ears. And you guessed it, by the time I put the NuraTrue into my ears, I hear the personalized greeting as well as the announcement that they have already been connected.

The extremely fast and consistent connectivity of the NuraTrue means they can truly rival wired earphones in convenience and quality, but providing the additional freedom of movement by being completely free from cables.


Final Verdict

NuraTrue carries the Nura DNA enough that it can definitely be recognized as an official heir, and yet offers greater comfort and convenience with its TWS form factor. If you wanted a set of wireless earbuds that looks unique, well built and sounds amazing - especially in the bass department, the NuraTrue is an excellent choice.


Having used all three Nura earphones, I have to say I recommend the NuraTrue the most. We're awarding the NuraTrue with the IBTimes badge as a Recommended earphone for its excellent design and quality.

David is a tech enthusiast/writer who is often on the move and is on a mission to explore ways to make his overhaul flights more enjoyable. This is a contribution to an ongoing IBTimes review series on gadgets for Business Travelers.