• An unnamed NYPD policewoman was caught on camera giving Lt. Nick McGarry a lap dance during a holiday party
  • McGarry, who is married and has kids, has been transferred to Transit District 12
  • A rep for the NYPD said the department was looking into the incident

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has launched an investigation after a rookie policewoman from the force was caught on camera giving a lap dance to her senior officer during an event last week.

The unnamed female officer danced on top of 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry as the latter was sitting on a chair surrounded by other people during their Bronx precinct's holiday party at Rory Dolan's Restaurant & Bar in Yonkers, New York, Thursday, the New York Post reported, citing law enforcement sources and several videos.

The rookie cop, who joined the force this year, wore a black cut-off tank top, checkered miniskirt and knee-high boots as she danced on McGarry, two videos of the incident showed. A third video captured the woman on the dance floor with another patron, who was bent over.

"Oh my god!" one partygoer was heard saying, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

McGarry's superiors were not pleased with the incident, and the lieutenant, who is married and has kids, was transferred to the NYPD Transit Bureau District 12.

It was unclear if the rookie policewoman, whose name was not released, was penalized.

The NYPD was looking into the incident, a representative for the department said.

McGarry and the rookie have yet to be questioned by investigators, according to law enforcement sources.

Both officers' phones reportedly went unanswered and were not taking messages Sunday.

In a similar story, a police sergeant in Tampa, Florida, was temporarily suspended after officers spent more than $400 on dancers, drinks and lap dances at a strip club in 2019 as part of an alleged undercover operation the official supervised.

Sgt. Daniel Rhodes' operation to locate drug suspects and gather intelligence regarding a shooting suspect at the Gold Club located along State Road 60 cost the Tampa Police Department (TPD) $421.

The amount covered drinks for an Anti-Crime Squad team, dancers, the dancers' friends and the bartender, as well as a lap dance and a cover charge for the lap dance area.

However, an internal affairs investigation found that the undercover operation did not yield any useful information and led to no arrests.

"[Rhodes] allegedly told the officers they could essentially blow money and have fun," Corporal Katie Thanasas said.

The officers involved in the operation also later gave conflicting statements regarding the purpose of the investigation.

Rhodes was removed from the Anti-Crime Squad and suspended for one day for failing to follow department policies during the investigation.

Representation. The NYPD was looking into an incident where one of the force's female rookies gave Lt. Nick McGarry of the 44th Precinct a lap dance during a holiday party last Thursday. Pixabay