• Businesses allowed to reopen under Phase One include retail, manufacturing and construction
  • Businesses and customers will have to follow the reopening guidelines
  • It is still unclear when New York City will move to Phase Two

New York City is entering "Phase One" of reopening Monday (June 8) while five other regions in New York state are entering "Phase Two." Here are the businesses that will be allowed to reopen in New York City on Monday.

June 8 marks Phase One for New York City after months of being under the coronavirus lockdown. However, in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's May 29 announcement, he noted having the city under Phase One does not mean things are going back to normal. Instead, it is a means for the city to move forward whilst adjusting to the new normal.

"Life is not about going back. Nobody goes back. We go forward. And it's going to be different," Gov. Cuomo said in the late May announcement. "This is about reopening to a new normal — a safer normal. People will be wearing masks and people will be socially distanced — it's a new way of interacting, which is what we have to do. Wear a mask, get tested and socially distance."

Each phase of reopening will allow certain types of businesses and services to reopen. During Phase One, businesses that may reopen include construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, retail, manufacturing and wholesale trade.

A full list of the businesses that may reopen June 8 can be found in the NYC website.

Retail stores that will be allowed to open include clothing stores, electronics and appliance stores, florists, jewelry stores, shoe stores, used merchandise stores and sporting goods. However, all in-person purchases must only occur through curbside or in-store pick-up, which means buyers will have to place their orders in advance to limit interactions at the store.

Personnel at stores that are reopening will have to wear face masks at all times and practice social distancing. Customers must also practice social distancing by following markers in queues, but, if social distancing is not possible, then plexiglass partitions must separate the store personnel and the customers.

Manufacturing businesses may also begin reopening June 8, including those in apparel, computer, electric lighting, furniture, paper, textile and machinery manufacturing business. However, there will be limits placed on the number of people allowed to gather at a particular place, and everyone will be required to wear face masks.

Wholesale trade, including those in apparel, machinery, metal and chemical products may also reopen in Phase One, while construction works such as those in subdivisions and highways may continue, again with social distancing and mask-wearing measures in place. For constructions, however, a limited number of workers will be allowed, and sharing equipment will also be limited. Hygiene stations must also be provided and equipment must be cleaned on a daily basis.

Animal and crop production, including various support activities, may also continue under Phase One.

Businesses that will open under Phase One must keep occupancy rates at just 50% and keep confined spaces such as elevators with a maximum capacity of just one person. An executive order from Gov. Cuomo also gives businesses the right to refuse customers who will not wear masks.

Apart from the businesses that will be allowed to reopen, the regular subway and bus service will also resume Monday, since more people will possibly go back to work. However, everyone must wear face coverings and follow social distancing floor markings.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will also be placed in stations, while police as well as station personnel will be present to help control the crowds.

All sectors that will be allowed to reopen under Phase One must adhere to guidelines including hygiene, health screenings, social distancing, and wearing proper personal protective equipment. Enforcement agencies will perform random visits to make sure the reopened businesses are complying with the guidelines.

New York City is the final region in the state to go to Phase One. It is still unclear when the city will move from Phase One to Phase Two and will reopen businesses such as gyms and hair salons.

The US flag is seen at half-mast at the almost deserted Times Square on April 13, 2020 in New York City
The US flag is seen at half-mast at the almost deserted Times Square on April 13, 2020 in New York City AFP / Johannes EISELE