• The victim suffered a seizure and fell on the tracks
  • Two more cops at the scene were able to signal the train operator to stop
  • The victim was taken to a hospital in a conscious and alert state

An NYPD transit cop and a samaritan jumped down onto the subway tracks at a Bronx station to save a man who fell moments before a train arrived at the platform.

On Wednesday, around 11 a.m., the transit officer, Ludin Lopez jumped down from the platform onto tracks closely followed by another man after a commuter fell unconscious on the subway tracks located at 149th Street And 3rd Avenue in South Bronx.

The two men were able to pull the unconscious commuter, Jessy Branch, out of the rail tracks and boosted him safely onto the platform with the help of the cop’s partner and fellow passengers.

Lopez was followed by two other officers, who ran down the platform to signal the train operator to stop.

"Anytime you want to get the attention of a conductor, you wave your flashlight left to right and they know that means to slow the train down and to stop," said Officer Richardo Peguero to WABC-TV.

Branch, 60, a resident of Queens had a seizure while waiting for the train and fell on the tracks, police said. The passenger was completely unconscious when he was pulled to safety. Later, the victim gained consciousness and was alert while being taken to Lincoln Hospital.

“When a sick strap hanger lost consciousness and fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx, @nypdtransitbureau officers didn’t hesitate for a moment to put his safety ahead of their own. We’re also grateful to the Good Samaritan who courageously helped,” stated the NYPD on their Instagram page lauding the cop’s heroic action.

In the clip, a woman could be heard yelling “Hurry up!” as the two men are seen climbing to safety while a train could be seen rolling into the station behind them, New York Post reported.

“We just did what we were there to do, which is to help and serve the public. We were doing a station inspection. It was just right place right time,” Lopez told the outlet. “It just made me feel like this is what I came here to do and I felt very fulfilled by that,” he added.

After the rescue, fellow commuters could be heard cheering in the video. Lopez described the moment as a “good feeling.”

Passengers wait on a subway platform for a train in the Brooklyn section of New York