The heroes of NYPD have done it again. This time, the officers saved a Bronx woman trapped under a couch after her building partially collapsed following a jarring explosion at a home nearby.

Authorities suspect the Tuesday blast at the home on Fox Street in Longwood was caused by a gas leak. The blaze killed 77-year-old Martha Dagbasta and injured eight others.

Responding officers saw flames from the explosion site "spreading to the adjoining home rocked by the explosion," NYPD News said in a Tweet. "Knowing there was a person inside, they ran in. They found a woman trapped in the debris. Our prayers are with those affected."

Body camera footage of the rescue, which was released Tuesday, showed the officer rushing toward the blaze to access the area before rushing inside the adjacent house. Bystanders could be heard yelling someone was trapped inside the house while another directed the cop toward the couch, the New York Post reported.

"Under the couch! Under the couch! Right there, she’s under the couch!" a bystander said, directing police to the living room on the first floor. The blast next door had left the living room in disarray with debris covering the floor.

Once inside, three officers worked together to lift the furniture and rescue the trapped woman. Then, an officer picked up the 68-year-old woman, identified as Yolanda Jiminez, and carried her outside to safety.

Jiminez and an 82-year-old woman were rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

"There was no hesitation. They ran right in," Capt. Anthony Mascia, who was part of the rescue operation, told WCBS-TV. "We are very lucky today to save a life."

"We saved lives today. Our actions saved lives," Mayor Eric Adams said, the Post reported. "When you see the [cops’] body-cam video, you’re going to see the quick response of the officers going into the building next door from the explosion, not realizing if there would be an additional explosion, but they went inside and carried out a woman who was trapped inside."

Police are still investigating the explosion.

Tuesday’s explosion was two miles south of the deadly Bronx apartment fire that killed 17 people last week.

Representation. Pixabay