Nadya Suleman -- the so-called Octomom -- has denied accusations by two caregivers of her 14 kids that she neglected her children, with the nannies also claiming that one child sexually abused another sibling.

A representative of Suleman, 37, claimed the nannies have a financial motive for making the startling allegations because of Suleman’s fame as the Octomom.

The rep said one of the women is “obsessed with the children and contacted [Suleman's representatives] to help her write a book. [She] and the other woman claiming to be a nanny are also good friends with each other and are trying to make money,” the rep told E! News. "This is why Nadya chose to move far away."

Suleman no longer lives in the La Habra, Calif., home where the alleged child neglect and sexual abuse took place.

The nannies claimed the Octomom tied her eight newborn children to their beds so they couldn’t get away. Suleman also allegedly didn’t want the babies to bother her, so she blocked their door with a chair, the caregivers told CBS Los Angeles.

“I feel like those children are in danger,” one of the nannies told the television station. “I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”

The nannies said they also observed Suleman’s older children, who range from 6 to 11, fighting, with the Octomom allowing the behavior.

The allegations, based on incidents the nannies say took place in 2010, were brought to the attention of the La Habra Police Department. Detectives interviewed the two women, one of whom claimed they saw one of Suleman’s sons sexually abusing one of her daughters.

“[One of the boys] would take [his sibling] away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her. I told Nadya everything. She never did [anything]. ‘It’s OK, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude,” the woman told CBS Los Angeles.

Suleman’s rep said one of the nannies was upset when the Octomom moved from La Habra to Palmdale, Calif., because she would no longer be caring for the children.

The rep said the nanny "became enraged when Nadya moved to Palmdale and would not allow her to watch the children because she was trying to force Nadya to give her the children,” according to E! News.

The rep said Suleman is being harassed by one of the former employees.

One of the women “has been stalking Nadya, calling the kids, and texting Nadya threatening text messages that she would go to police unless Nadya brought her the children,” E! News reported. “This has been going on since summer."

The rep said the Octomom is fighting back by saying the nannies are slandering Suleman.

The nannies reportedly were so concerned about the babies that they put an anonymous letter in mailboxes on Suleman’s street, urging the neighbors to contact social services.

One couple, Suleman's neighbors on her former street, told CBS Los Angeles they wouldn’t be surprised if the allegations were true.

“[The contents of the letter] made me sick to my stomach,” one of Suleman’s former neighbors told the station, adding that the couple had observed “Octomom” being verbally abusive to her kids. “We’re very frustrated because Nadya appears as one thing on the news and on talk shows and yet we witness everything first-hand and it’s nothing like it’s shown on TV.”