Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon as Alex Vause on the hit Netflix series "Orange is the New Black." Netflix

Laura Prepon and Jason Biggs, who play the exes of “Orange Is The New Black” protagonist Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) on the popular Netflix show, recently spoke to about Jeremy Meeks, the accused criminal with the viral Facebook mugshot photo who has been labeled the “hottie thug.”

When asked about a different prisoner making the news, Prepon exclaimed, “Of course, we heard about that!"

Then Biggs chimed in, “Did you see the other picture that was posted of him, though?" referring to a less attractive image of the accused criminal. "That one sort of debunked this picture. But this is a pretty damn good photo. I'm just saying."

Prepon said what she found so striking about the picture was “his eyes.”

Biggs, however, had a more lengthy praise. "Look at the jawline! I mean, wowza!" he said. Then he joked: "If I was his victim, and that was the last face I looked at in my life ... could be worse. Could be Charles Manson, or it could be this guy."

According to the actors, Meeks will do just fine in prison with his delicious good looks and rough tattoos. "I think he'll do just fine in prison with that teardrop on his eye," Prepon suggested to "Just a little prison eye candy," the former “That 70s Show” star continued.

"They're going to see the teardrop and be like, 'Never mind, if you come to me that's good, but otherwise, it's look, don't touch,' " Biggs added.

Prepon and Biggs aren’t alone in their admiration. Since Meeks’ mugshot was posted to Facebook by the Stockton, California, Police Department on June 18, the image has garnered nearly 100,000 likes, more than 12,600 shares and over 26,000 comments.

Meeks has used his sudden social media fame to claim his innocence, with admirers donating money to a fundraiser for his defense. His bail was recently raised to $1 million.

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