Orange is The New Black season 3 spoilers
Alex Vause set to appear in all 13 episodes of "Orange is The New Black" Season 3. Netflix/OITNB

It seems like just last week fans of the hit Netflix series, “Orange is The New Black,” were counting down the seconds until the official debut of Season 2. On June 6 all 13 episodes of Jenji Kohan’s masterpiece were released to the public for viewers to watch as they please – whether it was through a dedicated binge-watching session or at a leisurely pace.

But regardless of your “OITNB”-viewing speed, there’s one thing all of us have in common: our desire for Season 3 spoilers. Seriously, once the last scene of the series’ finale played out, we immediately took to the Internet to see what scoop we could uncover. Excited to see what we found?

While attending the 2014 ATX Television Festival in Texas earlier this month, the International Business Times learned that Season 3 of “OITNB” was currently in production. So, that begs the question: What can fans expect to see when the third season airs? Good news for Laura Prepon fans because Season 3 is going to be chock-full of Alex Vause!

If you caught the entire sophomore season of “OITNB” then you know how scarcely Piper’s former girlfriend appears in the series. Alex is seen in the premiere episode of the series, where Piper’s ex-girlfriend gets out of the Chicago prison for telling the truth in court about her drug dealing boss (which we know angers Piper because Taylor Schilling’s character lied under oath per Alex’s command). Fans of the glasses-donning dame then get to see Alex again during the season finale.

But what does this mean for Season 3? Will Alex appear sporadically in the upcoming season or will Prepon return to being a series regular? During “The Today Show” on Tuesday, the actress opened up regarding that exact question:

“Yes, definitely, and I’m really excited because I missed everybody so much during season 2,” Prepon said, adding that she would appear in all 13 episodes next season. “But yeah, we started shooting yesterday, and it’s awesome, so I can’t wait to get back to work.”

Are you excited to see more Alex in Season 3? What character would you prefer to get more screen time? Shout out in the comments section below and tell us who your favorite character of “Orange is The New Black” is.