Perhaps some mysteries should remain unsolved. Three people have been arrested and one was shot during a hunt for the mythical creature Bigfoot in Rogers County, Okla.

As Gawker reports, 21-year-old Omar Pineda was hunting for Sasquatch with a friend on Saturday afternoon when he heard a “barking noise” in the distance. Pineda turned in the direction of his friend and fired his weapon, shooting him in the back.

"When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that?" Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said Sunday morning, according to Oklahoma’s News On 6.

The friend -- who has not been identified -- was seriously wounded but is expected to survive.

Pineda was arrested for reckless conduct with a firearm. Police also arrested Perry Don James, Pineda’s father-in-law, after he threw Pineda’s gun in a pond. James is a convicted felon and didn’t want to be caught with a gun on his property, News On 6 said. James was arrested for complaints of a felon in possession of a firearm and destruction of evidence.

Pineda’s wife, 22-year-old Lacey Jane Pineda, was also arrested for obstruction of justice, because she originally told police that somebody else was shooting at her husband and his friend, News On 6 said.

"If [they] had just been factual, upfront and truthful with us and explained that this was truly an accident, as strange as it might sound, we would have went ahead and investigated and probably nobody would have [gone] to jail," Walton said.

"The aggravating part of this whole deal is that their dishonesty wasted several man hours of not only the Rogers County Sheriff's Office, but our partners at the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office," Walton said.

"To our knowledge, no Bigfoot sightings in Rogers County," Walton said. "I think our focus is career criminals and thugs, and we're going to stay focused on that and let somebody else go after Bigfoot."