A skunk temporarily cleared out a Walmart store in Oklahoma after it wandered into the men’s shoe department.

KFOR reported an Edmond Walmart was forced to temporarily close down on Thursday morning after someone spotted a skunk roaming around inside of the store.

After clearing out customers and closing its doors, Trevor Bounds of the Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions was called to safely remove the skunk from the Walmart.

Once he arrived, Bounds was able to use watermelon treats to lure the skunk into a trap. “Nobody wants to come shop at ‘Skunk Spray Central,’” Bounds said.

“It’s more fairly common than you think. I tell everybody, you got to look at the foundations. Any kind of entry they can find to gain entry, they’re going to.”

The critter was transported to Wildcare Oklahoma to be examined due to an injury on its leg. Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions tries to relocate trapped animals to private properties located on the outskirts of Oklahoma.

Bounds claimed that skunks in Edmond have a habit of wandering into businesses and revealed he receives about 15 to 20 calls every other week to remove one. “Edmond is definitely full of skunks,” he said.

The skunk whisper revealed every precaution was taken to make sure the animal felt safe. If a skunk feels threatened it responds by spraying the threat, which could have potentially created a difficult job for Walmart employees who would have been tasked with figuring out how to get rid of the stench so the business could resume.

After the skunk was removed, Walmart was able to reopen, giving customers the opportunity to shop in a skunk-free zone.

In this photo, the skunk named Flo arrives at Edinburgh Zoo from Amneville Zoo in France in Edinburgh, Scotland, June 1, 2012. Getty Images/ Jeff J Mitchell